HTPG Debuts ColdZone Dual-Pak Condensing Units and EcoNet® Enabled Unit Coolers at NAFEM Show

Duluth, GA – February 6, 2019 – Heat Transfer Products Group, LLC (HTPG), manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment sold under the recognized brands of Russell, Witt, Kramer and ColdZone, announces the new ColdZone Dual-Pak Multi-refrigerant Air Cooled Condensing Units for walk-in cooler and freezer applications. ColdZone will debut the Dual-Pak and other foodservice commercial cooling solutions at the NAFEM show, Feb. 7-9, 2019 in Orlando, FL.

The Dual-Pak Air Cooled Condensing Units offer two Scroll compressors in medium and low temperature models ranging in size from 1 to 4 HP which can be mixed and matched to meet specific applications. The unit works like a mini-rack system and utilizes many of the award-winning features of the Next-Gen Uni-Pak Air Cooled Condensing Units to improve efficiency, performance, and easier serviceability, such as externally mounted service valves for quick access from the exterior of the units and removable top and side panels.

For operating stability and increased system effectiveness, the Dual-Pak units feature a 70°F floating head pressure control valve and an integral subcooling circuit that allows saturated liquid to flow from the receiver to the condenser where the refrigerant is subcooled by ambient air. This provides an average of 3 to 5°F of subcooling for higher operating efficiency while assuring optimal expansion device operation. 

“The Dual-Pak units have been a long-awaited addition to our ColdZone product portfolio,” said John McFadden, ColdZone’s national sales director. “Our engineering team has incorporated several innovations that will greatly benefit our foodservice customers,” he continued.

ColdZone will also be showcasing EcoNet® Enabled Unit Coolers with the EcoNet Command Center at the booth. EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers are intelligent, electronically operated unit coolers for walk-in coolers and freezers designed for energy efficiency and easier installation. Developed in conjunction with Rheem Manufacturing, it builds on the success, reliability and efficiency of Rheem’s EcoNet® technology and reengineers it specifically for commercial refrigeration applications. 

The EcoNet technology saves energy in refrigeration systems through precise superheat and space temperature control, fan cycling, and controlling how often the system goes into defrost based on compressor runtime. It eliminates unnecessary defrosts, maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor runtime, reduces liability by eliminating icing issues, reduces fan speed to 50% during off cycle to save energy and reduces temperature fluctuations by regulating defrosts for improved product quality.

The ultra-thin programmable EcoNet Command Center has an intuitive graphical touchscreen interface that’s simple to use. The remote mount display allows for EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers to be programmed, monitored, and troubleshot outside of the space being cooled. This enables the user to get a true picture of the walk-in’s condition and easily make any necessary corrections. One display is able to control up to 32 devices including the Command Center.

ColdZone will also be displaying the Enviro-Therm 13 to 40 HP and Water Cooled Enviro-Cool refrigeration racks. Both of these energy-efficient models are available with multiple compressors and are specifically designed for foodservice and convenience store applications. Enviro-Therm racks are engineered to dramatically reduce heat and noise typically associated with standard refrigeration equipment. Water Cooled Enviro-Cool racks are available as single-tier, double-tier or triple-tier racks.

ColdZone, a division of HTPG, delivers green refrigeration technologies and manufactures evaporators, condensing units, fluid coolers, and defrost controls designed for the foodservice and convenience store industries. For more information about the Dual-Pak Condensing Units, EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers, Enviro-Therm Racks, Water Cooled Enviro-Cool Racks or other refrigeration solutions, visit the ColdZone Booth #1253, or go online at To place an order, contact your local representative ( or Customer Service (toll-free phone: 800-772-2653). For more information about HTPG’s family of commercial refrigeration solutions, visit

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